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iZi 40 Eco Shower

ZYPHO iZi 40 transfers heat from the shower’s waste water (40º) to the incoming cold mains (10º) supply. This preheated water (up to 23º) is then directed to either the shower mixer, the water heater or, preferably both - reducing energy consumption from 29% to 39% - Improving Energy Efficiency. Every three showers, one is for free.

Zypho® iZi has several installation options - see range - with efficient waste trap filters.
Zypho® iZi requires minimal maintenance and can be installed in new or retrofitted buildings.

Simple and efficient. With an easy installation by any plumber, ZYPHO® offers shower drain heat recovery systems leading to energy savings and reducing carbon footprint, without compromising the aesthetics of your space.

Zypho® iZi design minimizes Legionella-related risks:

  • Drain water never stays inside the unit for a long time, since the construction guarantees that it is fully drained out at the end of every shower.
  • After the shower, the cold water cools down to less than 25°C, as recommended by the WHO and the European Working Group for Legionella Infections.
  • Since iZi 30 High Flow | iZi 40 Eco Shower is installed relatively close to the shower tap, the distance between the unit and the shower trap is minimized.

Zypho® iZi performance and warranty requires the installation of Zypho® traps & filters. Select from zypho’s range. Zypho® iZi Heat Exchangers have been designed to require minimal maintenance efforts. They must be installed with the shower drain provided. Periodic cleaning is recommended to optimise energy exchange. Use a non-corrosive drain cleaner or a water jet. We recommend our non-corrosive biological drain cleaner with the reference ZYMN00000C1 or our water jet brush ZYMN00000J1.


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