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    For the shower water reach the ideal temperature the shower tap mixes hot water with cold water. The cold water comes directly from the mains as the hot water comes from a heating device, for example an electric or gas water heater. During the shower the shower tap mixes a large volume of hot water (60ºC) to make up the volume of the cold water ( 10 ºC to 20ºC ) therefore obtaining the ideal shower water temperature (40ºC).

    ZYPHO is easily installed under a shower tray or a bathtub, thus becoming a part of the drainage system. The heat in the drained shower water, passing through ZYPHO, will be recovered and transferred to the cold water mains before arriving to the shower tap mixer. Without direct contact between the two waters inside the ZYPHO, the cold water from the mains is pre-heated by the transferred heat which would otherwise be wasted. The cold water reaches the mixer tap already preheated, thus requiring less hot water to reach the ideal temperature of the shower water. By using less hot water, it means a reduction on energy consumption and an extension of hot water storage.

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