ZYPHO Shower Drain Water Heat Recover awarded with the label “Design Plus powered by ISH”


Design Plus powered by ISH 2019 is the international competition for exhibitors of the ISH organized with the German Design Council. The competition honours products that intelligently combine technology and design. Aspects such as innovativeness, sustainability and energy efficiency play a significant role in the assessment. Over the years, the Design Plus seal of quality has advanced to become a coveted mark of distinction.
The competition had 161 product applications but only 36 products were awarded in different product categories.



The Zypho DWHR transfers heat from discharged waste shower water in to the incoming water supply, placing less energy load to raise the temperature to the desired level of comfort. This means that taking a shower can cost less or last longer using the same amount of hot water as before. Either way, you can benefit from enjoying enhanced comfort whilst benefitting from lower energy use.